NYX Golf Sportsmanship Award Begins in March

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is proud to announce our new NYX Golf Sportsmanship Award beginning March 1st in conjunction with NYX Eyewear. The NYX Sportsmanship Award recipients are two individuals (one boy, one girl) that the HJGT staff selected who have best represented the standards of the tour. These golfers demonstrate great sportsmanship by treating their fellow playing partners with respect, keeping a positive attitude during competition, and most importantly representing themselves in an honorable fashion on and off the course. The HJGT staff believes in selecting two outstanding players who illustrate great character, integrity and behavior on the golf course that should be modeled by fellow junior golfers. The HJGT staff will select one boy and one girl a month for this prestigious award. These two lucky golfers will receive a pair of NYX golf sunglasses for their achievement. NYX has been revolutionizing eyewear since 1994. NYX designed the first complete vision system exclusively for golfers. If representing yourself and your parents in a positive manner is not enough reason to keep your cool, these sharp sunglasses are. We encourage you to visit the NYX website at www.nyxgolf.com.

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