More AJGA Performance Based Entry

The AJGA and the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) have come to terms on a new agreement regarding AJGA performance stars. All events on the HJGT schedule that are already designated as events in which AJGA performance stars can be earned will remain as such.  The exciting change that will occur is that from this point forward all HJGT events will now be considered for AJGA performance stars. The events on the HJGT schedule that do not currently carry AJGA status will now be eligible if certain requirements are met. These requirements are as followed: the boy’s 14-18 age division must have 40 or more players,  the boy’s 11-13 age division must have 20 or more players,  the girl’s 14-18 division must have 12 or more players and the girls U13 division must have 6 or more players.  If the requirements stated above are met the boy’s 14-18 champion and the girl’s champion will both receive four performance stars and the boy’s 11-13 champion will receive one performance star. The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is excited about this new agreement with the AJGA and are looking forward to continuing to send our phenomenal players to AJGA events. These changes will take place immediately so make sure that you sign up for our upcoming events. Check back soon for more information on AJGA performance based entry for our fall events.  Please contact the HJGT office at (407) 614-2962 with any questions.

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