Major Championship at Aberdeen Oct. 31-Nov. 1

On October 31st and November 1st, 2015, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to the outskirts of St. Louis to the beautiful Eureka, Missouri to host the Major Championship at Aberdeen. The course was in excellent shape as “grooming” had just been completed a week before. The course was challenging but many of the youngsters were able to conquer it. On Saturday, unfortunately, Mother Nature threw a combination of rain and heavy wind at us that made conditions unpleasant and dicey. The players persevered all the way till the bitter end before darkness cut the first day short. Two of the groups resumed play early Sunday morning to finish the last two holes before we embarked on the second day of the tournament. On Sunday, we were blessed to have incredible playing conditions as the sun shined brightly and the wind dissipated. In addition, since it was a major championship, caddies were allowed to accompany the players which allowed for great bonding times between sons and fathers, sons and brothers or even few sons and mothers. Winners in all three age divisions will receive an automatic bid to the Tour Championship on December 5th and 6th, 2015. The weekend was unbeatable all around, and the top ten finishers also received points towards end year honors, which include state teams, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup.

b 15-18 aberdeen

In the boys 15-18 division, Crimson Callahan, from Chesterfield, Missouri, took home the first place trophy as he exploded onto the scene on Sunday shooting an amazing 66 to surge to the top. Crimson started the tournament strong by shooting four over for Saturday score of 76, followed by a Sunday score of 66, equaling an astonishing two day total of 142. Crimson began the front and back nines with double bogeys on Saturday but remained composed and finished each strong shooting par the rest of the way. Crimson found his groove on Sunday while sporting an American-themed uniform that would make our founding fathers proud. Crimson played steady golf on the front nine recording one birdie while finishing par on the other eight holes. It was on the back nine that Crimson rose among the others finishing with 3 birdies and an impressive eagle on a par 5.  Finishing in second place was Michael O’Keefe from nearby St. Louis, Missouri. Michael finished the first round atop the leaderboard but feel just short on Sunday. Michael remained constant all weekend shooting a 72 on Saturday and followed with a 73 on Sunday for a total of 145. Michael battled till the very end and in most other tournaments would have been crowned the winner but could not overcome Crimson in the end. Joseph Allen of Louisville, Kentucky took home the third place trophy after shooting 73 on Saturday and a 75 on Sunday for a total of 148 including 7 birdies.  Overall, the boys 15-18 year-old division was very competitive this week, and as the difference between third and first place was only six strokes.  

b 13-14 aberdeen

In the boy’s 13-14 age division, Brennan Dolnick from Town and Country, Missouri finished the tournament in the top spot. McNeely submitted two strong rounds of a 79 on Saturday, and a 73 on Sunday, with a total of 152. Brennan started the Sunday in second place, but like Crimson, he improved his play and had an impressive four birdies on Sunday to help bring home the first place trophy. He played very competitive and professional golf this tournament as he made smart shots to set himself up for great scores hole after hole. His consistent play throughout the tournament gave him the confidence he needed to finish strong. Finishing right behind Brennan was Kolten Bauer from Alton, Illinois. He started the day in third place, and was able to gain an edge on Sunday. Kolten finished round one with a very strong score of 82 to set himself up to make a run on Sunday. Kolten was able to get three birdies Sunday afternoon the finish even for the day and a total score of 154. Kolten put up a valiant effort but just wasn’t quite enough. Ian Johnston of Swisher, Iowa finished the tournament in third. He started out with a solid Saturday, posting a score of 78 which etched his name at the top of leaderboard. Sunday was not as kind as Ian struggled on the front nine but recovered to finish with a respectable 79, bringing his total for the weekend 157. These boys showed that despite being younger, they are not to be overlooked.  

b 11-12 aberdeen

In the boys age 11-12, Logan Zurn from Elkhorn, Wisconsin took home first place by posting a 76 on Saturday and 78 on Sunday for a total of 154. Logan played steady golf all weekend, including 5 birdies, and was able to create a sizable lead and never looked back despite the rain, wind, and darkness.  A very impressive outing from a rising youngster who will someday challenge the ranks of the PGA. Curt Hastie of St. Louis, Missouri finished the tournament in second place with scores of 98 on Saturday and 100 on Sunday for a total of 198. In third place was Trent Jacoby who also is from St. Louis, Missouri. Trent had scores of 95 on Saturday and 112 on Sunday to finish with a total of 207. Neither boy would claim this tournament as their best performance but they did show signs of good things to come in the future as they both have time to learn and develop their skills.       Weather: Saturday: Low 40’s to Mid 50’s, rainy, Wind 15-20 MPH Sunday: Lower 70’s, Clear, Wind 0-5 MPH    Tournament Yardages:

Boys 15-18- 6,647 YDS Boys 13-14- 6,097 YDS Boys 11-12- 5,500 YDS   The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) was founded in 2008 with the intent of providing junior golfers between the ages of 11-18 an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment. Golfers who participate on the tour will compete in one of five age divisions: Boys 15-18, Boys 13-14, Boys 11-12, Girls 15-18, and Girls 11-14. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the HJGT administers events all across the nation, with stops in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana, Connecticut and Massachusetts.   For more information regarding the 2015 HJGT Tour, please visit our website at, call the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour headquarters at (904) 379-2697, or email   Philip Strobel Hurricane Junior Golf Tour 2015 Experience #TheHurricaneDifference

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