Key Tips to Help Improve Your Aim from the Tee Box and Fairway - by Sara Davis

In the game of golf, we are instructed to do many things. A lesson helps teach you how to hit the ball properly, a practice round gives us insight on the course to help you properly execute the golf course. However, when it comes to aiming to hit a golf shot, many golfers are unclear what exactly to do. Although there are many ways to aim a golf shot, this article is going to give you two simple strategies that can help improve your target accuracy and make you feel more confident when hitting a golf shot.

1. 9 Box Grid

The first method I want to talk about is one that Tiger Woods highlighted in Episode 1 of “My Game: Tiger Woods- Episode 1: My Practice.” He and many other professional golfers have had a lot of success with this method over the years. It is called the “nine-box grid.”

While you are practicing at the range or playing a course, vision the grid below far out in the distance in front of you. Practice hitting all 9 imaginary squares. This method teaches you to hit numerous different shots. Practicing this at the driving helps your brain adjust to this strategy and execute it while on the course. This will also help bring success and confidence on the course.

2.  Pick a Target in the Distance

For this strategy look far into the distance and pick a large target. Pick a tree, pole, building, or a golf cart; basically anything that is in a direct line with your target is great. Once you have selected a target far out in the distance, aim your shot there. Below I gave you an image of a fairway shot. I placed a square around the tree that I aimed at while hitting this shot. This is an example of what to do on the course.

These are just a few of our methods to help dial in your aim. Share your strategies with us on our social media platforms!


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