How to Build a Sports Resume


The job market is a competitive place. Hunting for jobs takes acute preparation and attentiveness. After all, you’re presenting your best self with all of the work skills and experience you’ve acquired tied up in a neat little package.

If you’re looking to work in a sports related field one day, building up your resume is one of the most crucial steps you can take to showcase relevant experience. If you’re in college and wondering how to add work experience when you have none, don’t worry! Sports organizations are looking for individuals with drive and passion for the sport represented. Here’s how to build a sports resume that lets YOU shine.

Get a sports internship

Colleges usually require students to complete an internship for credit before they graduate. If you are set on working in a sports related career, put some careful thought into the type of internship you want to apply for. A sports internship is a smart way to go, giving you chances to connect with others in the field and give you hands on experience. There are so many different routes you can take, whether you’ve majored in media, management or marketing do your research to find a sports organization that offers an internship that utilizes your learned skills. Also, don’t shoot straight for big name players like the NFL, NBA, etc., as those internships are highly competitive. Instead, look at youth organizations, local clubs, venues, tournaments or even charities that are related to the sport you love.

Don’t forget your athletic experience

Perhaps in high school and/or college you were on a sports team. Did you know this experience looks fabulous on a sports resume? Organizations like to see your passion, and there’s so much character building that comes from being an athlete- they know it takes dedication, hard work and discipline to play sports, and they’ll consider that when you apply for a job or internship. Adding your athletic experience only further bolsters your love for the game, because you understand exactly what it’s like to be out there training and competing- an experience that can’t be touched!

Share your accomplishments

You might think a resume is a document that showcases your prior responsibilities. That’s what everyone thinks. Instead, paint a picture that really sells yourself- showcase your accomplishments! Give short examples of previous work by outlining a small problem and how you solved it. This really gives insight into who you are as a person, and how you developed skills. Be careful never to exaggerate or share false information though!


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