HJGT partners with The GolfMen


HJGT has partnered with The GolfMen for the 2013 season. The GolfMen is an innovative and futuristic company that produces a vast array of golf products ranging from tees to cleats. The GolfMen is operated by golfers who live the golfing life and are dedicated to growing and


enhancing the game. The GolfMen will be supplying HJGT players with towels for the 2013 season. However, as is typical of GolfMen products this is not your average towel. "The Flip Towel" is a fully removable and washable towel encased in a weatherproof jacket. Anyone who has played golf in the rain can understand how impractical it is having a golf towel hanging bare from your bag. The towel is virtually obsolete as soon as it becomes wet. The GolfMen flip towel includes two pockets, a large cleaning sponge and carabiner to attach the set to your bag. "Don't let the weather stop a great game of golf" is the slogan attached with this great product. The HJGT is elated about this partnership and certainly looking forward to having some Flip Towel's on hand as we all know how unpredictable the weather can be. If you would like to take a look at the wide variety of new and innovative golf products The GolfMen has to offer, please take a look at their website at https://www.thegolfmen.com/  

A NEW and improved HJGT app will be released soon for both Android and iPhone!

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