Dallas Junior Shootout, February 18th- 19th 2017


Dallas Junior Shootout

The Tribute Golf Club- The Colony, Texas

(February 18th- 19th)

    On February 18th and 19th, 2017, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to beautiful The Colony, Texas to host the Dallas Junior Shootout at The Tribute Golf Club. The course was in great shape, playing conditions were great, and it was also a well-challenged tournament for the long weekend of golf. Saturday was clear, sunny and warm, perfect conditions for a great day of golf. Sunday started out as gray cloudy skies on a windy day but warmed up towards the afternoon to tie off the weekend. Winners in all four-age divisions will receive an automatic bid to the Tour Championship on December 2nd and 3rd, 2017. The weekend was unbeatable all around, and the top ten finishers also received points towards end year honors, which include state teams, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup.   Boys 16-18 Division

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In the Boys 16-18 Division, Logan DePriest, from Marshall, Arkansas took home the first-place trophy. DePriest was the leader from wire to wire as he finished with a two-day total of 155. Saturday, he finished first with a score of 71, an impressive score highlighted by the 6 stroke lead he held over Walker LaRue, the second-place winner in the Dallas Junior Shootout. DePriest came to Dallas strong on Saturday, finishing with 5 birdies for a score of 71, but Sunday proved to be more difficult for him as he finished with an 84. LaRue, in second place, seemed to have a reverse experience from DePriest, finishing Saturday with a score of 85, and sharpening his game as the round progressed to shoot minus one on the final seven holes including an eagle. LaRue came back on Sunday with one thing in mind, gaining ground on the leader, DePriest. LaRue did just that finishing the round with 6 birdies and shooting a 71, giving him a two-day total of 156. In third place, Miles Parroco had a two-day score of 158. Parroco wrapped up day one with a score of 77 with 3 birdies and six strokes back. Parroco continued his solid play on Sunday as he shot an 81, making his two-day total 158, just three shots behind DePriest.   Boys 14-15 Division

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In the Boys 14-15 Division Woodson Weathersby from Nashville, TN took home the victory with a total score of 161. He was behind at the end of the first round after shooting a 78 with one birdie. Continuing his consistent play, Weathersby would shoot a well-earned 83 with one birdie on day two, giving him a two-stroke victory over his lone competitor, Travis Bolles. Bolles held a two-stroke lead heading into Sunday’s round after shooting a 76 with two birdies in round one. The cool Sunday morning seemed to have more of an effect on Bolles than on Weathersby; however, Bolles remained competitive throughout the whole round shooting an 87 in round two, leaving him just two strokes behind Weathersby.   Boys 11-13 Division

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Kyle Nguyenphu from, Allen, TX, took home the first-place trophy for the Boys 11-13 Division. Nguyenphu was in second place at the completion of round one after shooting a hard fought 92, leaving himself two strokes back as he began round two. For Nguyenphu the great play continued into round two as he shot an 83 with two birdies for a two-day total of 175.  Finishing just two strokes back of Nguyenphu was Ian Blome of Weldon Spring, Missouri. Blome found himself in third place after day one of the tournament as he shot a 93 with two birdies on Saturday. Knowing he needed to continue his solid play entering round two Blome did just that on Sunday. He shot an 84 with two birdies to finish two strokes back with a two-day total of 177. Braxton Dean out of Rockwall, Texas was the leader after day one. Dean lead the field by three strokes shooting a 90 on Saturday. The pressure of leading entering day two did not affect Dean as he improved his score and shot an 88 with a birdie in round two. The only problem Dean ran into was that his fellow competitors also vastly improved upon their day one totals. Dean finished the tournament in third place with a two-day total of 178.   Boys U10 Division

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Looking at the scoreboard for the Boys U10 Division one thing stands out, yet again the top three positions for the gentlemen are decided by three strokes, that’s why we call it a shootout folks. Noah Hankinson out of Frisco, TX was the wire to wire leader, he shot an 82 on Saturday with three birdies to take a two-stroke lead into the final round. Hankinson was one of the most consistent players in the field this weekend as he shot an 86 on Sunday with one birdie. Hankinson’s two-day total and winning score was 168. Wyatt Nickson also falls into the category of consistent golfers. Nickson shot an 85 on day one to put him in third place just three strokes back form the lead. He continued his solid play on Sunday as he again shot an 85. The difference this time was that his consistent second round play bumped him up one spot into second with a two-day total of 170. Rounding out the top three in the boys U10 division was Sachin Kommineni. Kommineni shot an opening round score of 84, good for second place. Once again, the young men showed they will be players to watch in the coming years due to their consistent play, Kommineni shot an 87 with a birdie in round two of the tournament. His two-day score of 171 was just three strokes off the top spot and placed him in third.   Girls 14-18 Division

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Arguably one of the most impressive golfers this whole tournament was Serena Shah from Carrollton, Texas, of the Girls 14-18 Division. Shah was one of three players to finish a round under par, her first round score of a 70, with four birdies was the lowest score seen in this tournament. Shah played two very impressive rounds of golf. Round two Shah would run into a little more trouble but still end the day with a score of 78 with three birdies. Shah rounded out the two days with a score of 148. Behind Shah the competition looked much like that of the boy’s side of the tournament with very tight scores. Finishing in a tie for second place nine strokes behind Shah were Aysis Azarcon from Grand Prarie, Texas and Tori Bien from Hollywood, Florida. Azarcon finished day one with a score of 85 which placed her in a tie for ninth position entering day two. Azarcon knew she would need to play a phenomenal round of golf on Sunday in order to reach the podium and that is what she did. Azarcon finished day two of the tournament scoring a 72 with four birdies on the round. This performance gave her a two-day total of 157. Bien has a slightly different story as she completed round one with a score of 77 with one birdie and in sole possession of third place. Bien knew she would need to play a similar round to that to reach the podium. That she did shooting an 80 with one birdie on day two of the tournament giving her a two-day total of 157 as well.   Girls U13 Division

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The winner of the Girls U13 Division is a young lady by the name of Symran Shah of Carrollton, Texas, the younger sister of Serena Shah mentioned earlier. Similar to the performance of her older sister Symran was the wire to wire leader. She concluded day one with a score of 81 good for a six-shot lead heading into the second round. Shah continued her dominant play through round two as she shot an 80 on Sunday. Her two-day total and winning score was 161. Following behind was Miyoko Tan from Coppell, Texas. Tan ended round one scoring an 87 with one birdie, in second place.  Tan did her best to cut into the lead during round two but Shah was just playing very sound golf making it very difficult for all competitors. Tan ended round two with an improvement form round one shooting an 85 with two birdies on the day giving her a two-day total of 172 and the second-place trophy. Rounding out the top three was Emree Cameron from Nevada, Missouri. Cameron rounded out day one with a score of a 90 and one birdie. Following the theme of consistent play from the youngsters this tournament Cameron shot a 91 in round two giving her a two-day total of 181 and the third-place trophy for the girls U13 age division.  


Saturday: Mid 70’s, Clear Skies, Wind 5-10 MPH

Sunday: High 60’s, Overcast, Wind 10-15 MPH

Tournament Yardages:

Boys 16-18/ Boys 14-15- 6,647 YDS

Girls 14-18/Boys 11-13- 5,669 YDS

Girls U13 – 5287 YDS

Boys U10 – 5030YDS


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