College Prep Series at UGA, July 15-16

College Prep Series at UGA

(July 15th-16, 2017)

    On Friday, July 14th, 2017, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to Athens, Georgia to prepare for and host the College Prep Series at UGA on July 15th and 16th. The players endured a high of 91 degrees on Saturday, with a more comfortable round at only 83 degrees on Sunday. The weather turned out to be forgiving, dodging storms two days in a row. Players stepped up to the challenge of The University of Georgia’s golf course and gave it everything they had.   

 Boys 16-18

boys 16-18 uga

Landon Schultz from Canton, GA was the winner of the Boys 16-18 division. Landon demonstrated that consistency is the key for any good golfer. He went on the shoot a 76 on both days for total of 152. There was a tie for 2nd place, Nick Paschetto from Dunwoody, Georgia and Brenden Farrell also from Dunwoody, GA each recorded a total of 153. The third place was awarded to Hayden Johnson from Dacula, GA. He shot a 79 the 1st round, and a 75 the second round for a total of 154. These boys showed excellent composure in an extremely well contested division with only two strokes separating the winner from third place.     

Boys 14-15

boys 14-15 uga

Mason Dean from Duluth, GA won first place in the Boys 14-15 division. He shot a 74 first round and a 75 in the second round for a total of 149. Jackson Buchanan placed 2nd in this division. He shot a 76 first round and 75 second round for a total of 151. There was a tie in third place between Maxwell Ford and Nolan Zaepfel saw an overall total of 153. All of these boys showed tremendous fortitude trekking through a difficult course.          Boys 11-13

boys 11-13 uga

Andrew Kim from Alpharetta, GA took home 1st place in the Boys 11-13 division. He shot a 71 first round, 76 second round for a total of 147. There was a tie in 2nd place between Andrew Gregory and Chapman Barnett, with an overall score of 150. Third place went to Brennan Cozad, from Alpharetta, GA. He shot a 77 first round and 77 second round for a total of 154. These boys demonstrated skill and sportsmanship beyond their years as they attacked this difficult course.      Girls 14-18

girls 14-18 uga

Ameila Root from Jacksonville, FL took first place in the Girls 14-18 division. She shot a 72 first round, and a 73 second round for a total of 145 on the weekend. There was a tie for second between Thienna Huynh and Kate Skiffen with an overall score of 151. Third place went to Tori Owens, from Chatsworth, GA. She shot an 80 first round and a 76 second round for a total of 156. All of these girls did an excellent job showing off their skill on a difficult course.       

Girls 13U

girls u 13 uga

The winner of the Girls 13U divisions was Ava Marano, from Jupiter FL. She shot a 79 first round and a 77 second round for a total of 156. Rachel Hoang from Lawrenceville, GA and Kelli Scheck from Greensboro, GA both ended up tying for 2nd place with an overall score of 165 for the weekend. Third place went to Hailey Han, from Duluth, GA. She shot a 187 first round and a 180 second round for a total of 167. It was great to see such excellent golf out of  golfs future leaders.         


Weather July 15-July 16, 2017

Round 1: Low 62, High 90.

Round 2: Low 68, High 89. Sunny, Gust of winds at 8 MPH.

Tournament Yardages

Boys 16-18: 6,740

Boys 14-15: 6,740

Girls 14-18: 5,776

Boys 11-13: 5,776

Girls 13U: 5,186

Boys 10U: 5,111

About Hurricane Junior Golf Tour

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) was founded in 2007 with the intent of providing junior golfers between the ages of 11-18, and now 10 and under, an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment. Golfers who participate on the tour will compete in one of six age divisions: Boys 16-18, Boys 14-15, Boys 11-13, Boys U10, Girls 14-18, and Girls U13. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the HJGT administers events all across the nation, with stops in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. In 2016, we have now expanded to the west coast and cover California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon.

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