College Prep Series at UF May 11-12

Daoust holds off strong competition to bring home first place

Casteneda runs away from field to win event

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Gainesville, FL (May 12, 2013)- The Hurricane Junior Golf tour traveled to Gainesville, FL for the second time in 2013. The event was the College Prep Series at UF and the tournament was held at the University of Florida Golf Course. This was the fifth tournament of the college prep series which gives junior golfers the opportunity to play at division one golf courses around the Southeast. The weather could not have been better for this great event with highs in the 80s and mostly sunny skies for both days. There was a lot at stake for the competitors in the event including four AJGA performance stars for the winners of both the girl’s and boy’s 15-18 divisions. Winners of all four divisions receive an automatic bid to the 2013 Tour Championship and Florida Tour exemptions were given to the winners of all both older division winners and the boy’s 11-14 division winner. Points towards year-end honors including All-HJGT Teams and the Hurricane Cup were awarded to the top 15 competitors in each division instead of the top ten because this was a college prep series event.

UF boys 15

The boy’s 15-18 division featured a great battle between the three golfers in the final pairing with Gary Daoust making par on each of the last seven holes to seal the victory. Daoust finished at one over par for the tournament after shooting 70-71 on the par 70 course over the two days. Daoust was in the top five in his division in both birdies and pars shooting five and 25, respectively over the two days. Daoust did most of his damage on par fives where his 4.50 average was a sixth of a stroke better than any of his competitors. Finishing in second place was Chandler Blanchet who was tied for the lead going into day two but finished one shot behind Daoust after his day two 72. Blanchet had 24 pars and four birdies over the two days. Blanchet was most impressive on par threes where his 2.90 average was better than anybody else in the field. Frequent HJGT top finisher, Jack Comstock, took home third place after shooting 71-72 for the tournament. Comstock had the most pars in the division with 27.

UF girls 15

Girl’s 15-18 division day one co-leader Daniella Casteneda ran away from the competition on day two and won by six strokes. Casteneda was extremely consistent over the two days shooting 73-73 to finish at six shots over par. Casteneda was the leader in several major categories including most birdies and most pars with five and 21, respectively. Casteneda had the best average scores on both par threes and par fives with 2.90 and 5.00 averages, respectively. Five time HJGT top-ten finisher Katie Holt took home second place. Holt was tied for the lead after a day one 73 before her day two 79 left her six shots out of first place. Holt showed her consistency with nothing worse than a bogey in the event. Holt was most impressive on par fours where her 4.30 average was the best in the division. Navika Kuchakella was extremely consistent over the two days shooting a 78-77 to finish three shots back of second place.

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Ray Navis won the boy’s 11-14 division for the second time in three weeks after shooting 74-75 for the tournament. Navis held off his two playing competitors by limiting his bogeys throughout the second day, finishing with only four. Navis had the most pars in the division with 23 and had the second most birdies with a total of three. Navis separated himself from his competitors by averaging par on both par threes and par fives throughout the two days. Regan Shi and Hao Hua Zhang, both natives of China, finished in second and third place, respective. Shi finished one shot ahead of Hao Hua over the two days. Shi tied for the most birdies in the division with four. Zhang tied for the most pars in the division with 23.

UF girls 11

Alyssa Lamoureux won her third tournament of the year in the girl’s 11-14 division by shooting an impressive five over par for the event. Lamoureux was able to maintain focus despite leading her competitors by at least ten strokes throughout most of day two. Lamoureux led her division in every major category including most pars and birdies and best average performance on par threes, fours, and fives. Carlye Moore came in second place with a very consistent two day effort including an 80 on day one and an 81 on day two. Moore was second in the division with a total of three birdies. Kaysie Harrelson was also extremely consistent over the two days shooting an 82-83. Harrelson had the second most pars in the division with 18. Weather: Saturday: Sunny, low 70s to High 80s, winds steady around 5 mph Sunday: Mostly Sunny, low 70s to mid 80s, winds steady around 5 mph, Afternoon Rain   Tournament Yardages: Boy’s 15-18 division: 6,609 Boys’ 11-14 division: 6,126 Girl’s 15-18 division: 5,607 Girl’s 11-14 division: 5,178 Tournament Awards:EFX Birdie Challenge:

Boy’s 15-18 division: Tim Bagley Boy’s 11-14 division: Nicolas Otero, Regan Shi Girl’s 15-18 division: Daniella Casteneda Girl’s 11-14 division: Alyssa Lamoureux  Golf Pride Most Improved Player

Boy’s 15-18 division: Michael Mattiace Boy’s 11-14 division: Teddy Tetak, Dragon Theam Girl’s 15-18 division: Elizabeth Kim Girl’s 11-14 division: Skylar Thompson  About Us:

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) was founded in 2008 with the intention of providing junior golfers between the ages of 11-18 an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment. Golfers who participate on tour will compete in one of four age divisions: Boys 15-18 Division, Boys 11-14 and Girls 15-18 Division and 11-14 Division. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the HJGT administers events all across the southeast as well as Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.      

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