Chidambaram Shoots Opening Round 68; Tanguay Holds off Field

Chidambaram surges through

Tanguay squeaks by


Royal Palm Beach, FL (March 25, 2012) – The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour continued its 2012 season with another stellar outing this past weekend at the Southeast Florida Junior Shootout. This weekend’s event was played at The Links at Madison Green. Players from all over came out this weekend, we had representatives from Russia, Canada, Florida, Mexico, Indiana, and Illinois. Minus a short delay on Sunday the weather, overall, was very nice. Low to mid 80’s each day with some wind and scattered showers on Sunday. The Links at Madison Green hosted a great facility for us to play at and had a more than helpful staff, a special thanks goes out to them. In the boys 15-18 division, Carl Chidambaram from Wellington, Florida, took home first place with a two day total of 144 (68+76). Chidambaram was the only player in his division to score an eagle, which was on the par 5 fourteen, and he also led the field with 9 total birdies. Along with the most eagles and birdies Chidambaram was tied with Matthew Marquez (Winter Garden, FL) with the best par 3 performance (3.00) and par 5 performance (4.75). Coming in second from Russia was Vladimir Osipov who posted a two day total of 147 (70+77). Osipov had 6 total birdies which was good enough for second in his division and 24 pars or better which tied him for first along with Vasily Belov, also from Russia. Osipov had the second best par 4 performance (4.05) and the third best par 5 performance (4.75). Belov finished three shots behind Osipov for third place with a two day total of 150 (75+75). Belov had the best par or better percentage (83.3) in his division and the best par 4 average (3.95). The girls 15-18 divison played very competitively with Valerie Tanguay from Canada taking home the first place trophy with a two day total of 148 (73+75). Tanguay was the only girl in either girls division to score an eagle and had three birdies on top of that. Tanguay also had the best par 4 performance (4.00) and the most total pars with 23. Josee Doyon, also from Canada, came in second in the girls 15-18 division posting a 2 day total of 149 (73+76). Doyson led her division with 8 birdies and the best par 5 performance (4.50). Carianne Wright from DeBary, FL and Katherine Gravel-Coursol from Canada tied for third place finishing with a total of 153 (76+77) and (73+80) respectively. Wright finished with a best par 3 performance (2.88) and the second most pars with 22. Gravel-Coursol was tied with Wright for the most pars with 22 and had the second best par 5 performance (4.88). In the boys 11-14 division Jake Grula from Winter Park, FL won by one stroke with a score of 153 (78+75). Grula led his division with the best par 3 performance (3.00) and the second best par 4 performance (4.35). Grula had the best par of better percentage (72.2) and also led in overall pars with 23. Jake Holt form West Palm Beach, FL finished one shot behind Grula with a two day total of 154 (78+76). Holt finished second in his division in total pars (22), par or better percentage (69.4), par 5 performance (5.00) and third in par 4 performance (4.35). Finishing in third was Michael Mattiace from Jacksonville, FL posting a tournament score of 157 (77+80).  Mattiace led his division in par 4 performance (4.30) and finished third with a 66.7 par or better percentage. In the girls 11-14 division Mary Janiga from Wellington, FL finished with a two day total of 155 (77+78). Janiga led her division with 4 total birdies, the most pars with 18, the best par 3 perfromance (3.12), and par 4 performance (4.50). Noemie Pare from Canada finished a few shots back in second place with a tournament total of 170 (89+81). Pare had two total birdies, fourteen total pars, and the second best par 3 performance (3.50). Sarah Noonan from Vero Beach, FL came in third place with a two day total of 203 (99+104). Noonan had 4 total birdies and the third best par 5 performance ( 6.62).   For more information about the HJGT, please visit the HJGT fan page on To get up to the minute tweets during the tournaments and important HJGT news follow us on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out player quotes in our weekly video, which can be found on the HJGT website. For a direct link to the HJGT Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and final round results please visit   Weather: Saturday: Lows 80’s partly cloudy Sunday: Mid 80’s afternoon showers  Tournament Yardages:

Boys 15-18: 6816 Boys 11-14: 6157 Girls 15-18: 5806 Girls 11-14: 5209   Tournament Awards: Boys 15-18 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Carl Chidambaram Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Vasily Belov Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Carl Chidambaram Girls 15-18 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Josee Doyon Seaforth Par 4 Performance:  Valerie Tanguay Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Josee Doyon Boys 11-14 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Callahan Elzey Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Michael Mattiace Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Callahan Elzey Girls 11-14 Division: EFX Birdie Challenge: Mary Janiga  Seaforth Par 4 Performance: Mary Janiga Coolheads Par 5 Performance: Mary Janiga

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