Central Alabama Junior Shootout, (March 4-5, 2017)

Central Alabama Junior Shootout  

Silver Lakes- Mind breaker/ Heartbreaker - Glencoe, Alabama

(March 4-5)

    On March 4th and 5th, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to beautiful Glencoe, Alabama to host the Central Alabama Junior Shootout at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Silver Lakes. The course was in good shape, playing conditions were great, and it was also a well-challenged tournament for the long weekend of golf. On Saturday, the first day of the tournament, there was lots of sunshine and a nice breeze to make the first day even more enjoyable. On Sunday, the sun started to shine as the round went on. Winners in all five age divisions will receive an automatic bid to the Tour Championship on December 2nd and 3rd, 2017. The weekend was unbeatable all around, and the top ten finishers also received points towards end year honors, which include state teams, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup.   Boys 16-18 Division

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In the Boys 16-18 Division, the Germantown, Tennessee resident King Grisanti took home the first place trophy as he really expressed his talent on the putting green. Out putting his competition on almost every hole all weekend, Quinn ended the tournament just two strokes over par. Saturday was a great day of golf for Quinn as he ended the round in second place, and with a very impressive score of a 75, four strokes over par. On Sunday, Quinn made it interesting as he finished the second round shooting a one under par 71, an even better round of golf. Playing phenomenal golf on Sunday, Grisanti featured three birdies, which really helped him finish in the top spot. Grisanti had a total of six birdies on the tournament. Finishing in second place was Walker Winslette from Canton, Georgia. Winslette was four strokes under par and in first place after Saturday, as he played great golf all throughout the round. Finishing the tournament just one stroke out of the first place spot, Winslette finished the first round with a great score of a 68. Winslette then ended the second round shooting a 79. Displaying a very impressive six birdies and one eagle this tournament, Winslette was very impressive off of the tee. Also going home with hardware, and finishing in third place was Ross Napier of Hartselle, Alabama. Napier really opened some eyes this weekend, as he was very impressive in all three major aspects of the game. Napier shot his best score on the tournament, a 74 on Sunday which added to his good work on Saturday, as he shot a 77. Napier’s drives were unmatched, as he proceeded to birdie five holes this weekend. with him to the course. Overall, the Boys 16-18 Division was very competitive this week, and all of the top finishers played very polished, and quality golf.   Boys 14-15 Division

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In the Boys 14-15 Division Logan Wockenfuss from Alabaster, Alabama finished the tournament in the top spot after a one hole playoff . Wockenfuss took the lead in the first round and it was good to see him play great golf under pressure and finish on top. Wockefuss played very competitive golf this tournament as he shot a great score of a 74 on the first round and, a 81 on the second round. Wockenfuss featured a very stong game off of the tee this weekend, as he was unmatched off of the tee box on almost every hole. Wockenfuss was in first place after the first round by four stroke, and then finished the second round on top as he brought the same game with him to the course on the second day. To add to his impressive finish, Wockenfuss featured four birdies this tournament, finishing right behind Wockenfuss, and in second place was Tate Dickerson from Booneville, Mississppi. Dickerson brought a lot of confidence with him from Booneville, as he has been a very strong, and competitive golfer inside of our Hurricane events. That being said, we were pleased to welcome him back onto our tour for the weekend tournament. Dickerson finished round one with a very impressive score of a 78, and in second place, and then took his talents, and his confidence into the second day as he finished Sunday with another good score, a 77 to force a playoff. Dickerson also featured four birdies on the tournament, and his game off of the tee box was polished. Going home with the third place trophy was Kyler Barton from Clearfield, Kentucky. Barton played great golf this weekend as he was great off of the tee and had three birdies. Barton shot an 88 in the first round, and he shot another great score, a 73, during the second round. The Boys 14-15 Division had a very exciting week, and every competitor in the field displayed two high quality rounds of golf.       Boys 11-13 Division

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The Boys 11-13 Division also brought lots of talent to our tournament this week. Lucas Jinglov from Marietta, Georgia took home the first place trophy as his drives were powerful and accurate all weekend long. Jinglov featured two birdies this tournament as he shot an 81 on the first day, and an even better 83 on the second day. We will be excited too welcome Jinglov back onto our tour in the near future, as he never fails to bring great talent tour our tournament play. Finishing behind Jinglov. Finishing in second was Sheldon McKnight. McKnight is another very familiar face on our tour and it was great to see him back for this tournament as he always brings a competitive edge to our play that makes our tour even better. Featuring an 89 on the first round, and an 85 on the second round, McKnight was great off of the tee box all weekend. Rounding out the top 3 was Nathan Fenza from Huntsville, Alabama, who had solid rounds of 86 and 91 on Saturday and Sunday respectfully. Overall, the Boys 11-13 Division really brought some talent this tournament and we were pleased to see two great rounds of golf coming from all competitors.   Girls 14-18 Division

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Arguably one of the most impressive golfers this whole tournament was Karson Adkins, from Savannah, Tennessee. Adkins finished the tournament in first place in the Girls 14-18 Division, and also had one of the most impressive scores. Her Saturday score, an 83, is something that makes our tour even more competitive. Adkins had a great round of golf on Sunday as well as she shot a 90. Adkins had one birdie this tournament, which helped her finish in the top spot. Finishing behind Adkins, and leaving the course with the second place trophy was Adrian Hopkins from Lawrenceville, Georgia. Hopkins played great golf this weekend as she competed in both rounds, shooting an 87 on Saturday, and another 91 on Sunday. Hopkins really has a future in golf ahead of her as she showed great talent all throughout her game this tournament. Leaving the course in third place, was Reagan Zibilski. Zibilski finished the weekend just 37 strokes over par, displaying a 91 on the first round, and an 90 in the second round. Zibilski, another familiar face on the Hurricane Tour, was very impressive off the tee box all tournament, as her drives were powerful, and really turned some heads. Zibilski had par after par this week, and one birdie to add to help her take home some hardware. The girls were arguably the most impressive competitors this week as their scores almost matched the boys, which is always great to see.   Girls 13 Under Division

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The Girls under 13 Division features Isabella Warwick from Huntsville, Alabama. She completed a first round with a 114, and her second round with a 126, finishing with a total of 240. The HJGT took note of Warwicks competitive play over the two day tournament. Warwick will receive an automatic bid to the Tour Championship on December 2-3, 2017.     


Saturday: Mid 60’s, Sunny, Wind 10-15 MPH

Sunday: Mid 60’s, Cloudy, Wind 5-10 MPH

Tournament Yardages:

Boys 16-18/ Boys 14-15- 6,520 YDS

Girls 14-18/Boys 11-13- 5,648 YDS

Girls Under 13-  4,834 YDS


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