Albany, Bahamas Junior Classic, February 11-12th, 2017

Albany, Bahamas Junior Classic

February 11th & 12th, 2017

  On February 11th and 12th, The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to the beautiful Bahamas for the inaugural Albany, Bahamas Junior Classic Tournament. The course was in pristine condition, with near perfect temperatures for the participants. On Saturday, the first day of the tournament, the sun was out, beaming off the crystal - clear water, providing a gorgeous 82-degree day. The players were able to finish the tournament in paradise, as Sunday provided another beautiful, 82-degree day. The top ten finishers received points towards state teams, ALL HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup. The top three finishers in each division received exemptions into the 2017 National Championship and the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational at Sea Island. The Albany, Bahamas Tournament was amazing, it’s one of the finest courses of its kind. The HJGT would like to thank Albany, Bahamas for allowing us to play on such a pristine course. We would also like to give a special thanks to Mitchell Spearman and the Albany Resort for providing us with a magnificent, first class dinner on Saturday Night.   Boys 16-18 Division

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In the Boys 16-18 Division, Ben Pirro, from Heathrow, FL scored a 71 in round one and a 79 in round two to secure first place. Ben finished 6 over par which proved to be more than enough to secure the victory. Overall, Ben had a great weekend. He was tied for the most birdies (4), he had the longest bogey free streak (10), he lead the par 4 leaderboard (4.1), and he was tied with two others for the par 3 leaderboard (3.4). Finishing in second place was Callum Brown, out of Stuart, FL. Callum had a good day as well, as he finished tied with Ben for the most birdies (4), second on the par 4 leaderboard (4.4), and first on the birdie or better streak with (2). Also, going home with hardware was Tripp Murphy, out of Roswell, GA. He wrapped up third place by shooting 6 over par in round two. Overall, the Boys 16-18 Division proved to be very competitive this weekend, and all the players show the ability to finish at the top of the leaderboard.     Boys 14-15 Division

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In the Boys 14-15 Division, Nick Hance, out of Irving, TX was able to claim the top spot by shooting 11 over par. Nick had a great day as he came in third for most birdies (3), he was tied for first in the birdie or better streak with (2), he lead the bogey free streak with an astonishing (12), he lead the field with most pars (21), and he lead the par 4 leaderboard with a (4.2). Nick had some work to do as he finished round one in second place after shooting a 78. He was determined to win that trophy, as he came out blazing in round two, posting a score of 77 which catapulted him all the way to the top. Finishing in second place was JnJ Jean-Noel, from Petit-Bourg, Fr. JJ got off to a little of a rough start shooting 11 over par in round one, but he kept his cool and rebounded by posting a 76 in round two, to help him lock up that second-place trophy. Rounding out the leaderboard was Zach Roberts, from Holly Springs, NC. Zach finished in third place after posting an 81 in round one and an 82 in round two. Overall, the Boys 14-15 Division was very competitive, and we look forward to seeing these three near the top again very soon.   Boys 11-13 Division

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Taking home the first-place trophy in the Boys 11-13 Division was Will McGriff, out of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Will absolutely dominated this tournament by jumping out to the lead with a score of 78 in round one and he never looked back, posting a 71 in round two. Will was able to secure his victory by leading the field in most birdies (9), most par breakers (9), and most pars (17). Finishing in second place was Colt Ingram, from Aiken, SC. Colt got off to a shaky start by shooting 15 over par in round one, but he rebounded by firing a 6 over par to help him finish in second place. Rounding out the division, finishing in third place was James Bould. James was able to shoot five pars in round two to help him land a spot in the top three. Overall, the Boys 11-13 Division provided exciting play this weekend and spectators should expect to see more of the same in the future.     Boys U10 Division

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In the Boys U10 Division, Gavin Flemming, from Jacksonville, FL took home the first-place trophy after posting an impressive 86 on day one and 82 on day two. Gavin took the lead and never looked back. He had the most birdies (4), most pars (14), and most pars or better (18). Taking home second place was Rhan Miller, out of Nassau, np. Gavin and Rhan were the only competitors in this division, but this didn’t stop them from trying to show the older kids what they’ve got. The Boys U10 Division provided us with a small glimpse of what the future might look like for these two, and spectators should be excited to see just how much they grow in the years to come.     Girls 14-18 Division In the Girls 14-18 Division, Chloe Schiavone, from Jacksonville, FL took home first place after shooting an 89 in round one and an impressive 73 in round two to secure her victory. Chloe had to battle with second place victor, Haylie Turnquest, and third place winner, Helena Noel to hold onto the top spot. After round one, the three girls were separated by two strokes as Chloe shot an 89, Haylie shot a 91, and Helena shot a 90. When Chloe awoke on day two, she knew she had to play her best golf to win. She came out storming shooting par 5 times on the first nine. She was able to hold onto first place by shooting 1 under par on the back nine. Overall, the Girls 14-18 Division provided us with fierce competition that spectators should expect to see again. Lookout for these three ladies as they battle for the top spot in the future.     Girls U13 Division

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In the Girls U13 Division at the Albany, Bahamas, it was Kylee Loewe, from Scottsdale, AZ who took home first place. Kylee battled with second place winner, Alia Scotka, from Crestview, FL for the top spot. It was an intense competition as Kylee beat Alia 159-162. After round one, Kylee was leading Alia 79-84. Alia did not give up, because on day two, she shot an impressive 78 to counter Kylee’s score of 80. Not to be outdone, was third place winner, Sophie Anand. Sophie, an Albany, Bahamas native, was able to capture a spot in the top three by shooting a 90 on day one and an 82 on day two. Overall, the Girls U13 Division provided us with some intense competition. As the field continues to grow, these three names should be on everyone’s radar.    


Saturday: Low 80’s, Clear, Wind 8MPH

Sunday: Low 80’s, Clear, Wind 7MPH

Tournament Yardages:

Boys 16-18- 6,644 YDS

Boys 14-15- 6,644 YDS

Boys 11-13- 5,667 YDS

Boys U10- 4,974 YDS

Girls 14-18- 5,667 YDS

Girls U13- 5,176 YDS


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