Coastal Carolina Junior Challenge July 9-10, 2016

Coastal Carolina Junior Challenge

(July 9-10, 2016)

Playing on Island Time

  After an amazing tournament at TPC Eagle Trace, the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour’s Jacksonville team traveled to Hilton Head Island, SC to host the Coastal Carolina Junior Challenge at the memorizing Haig Point Golf Club. Despite a weather delay due to lightning, the temperature remained in the 90s all weekend allowing the players to play in the sunshine. The HJGT would like to thank the Haig Point Golf Club staff for allowing us to host our tournament at a great venue. Junior Golf Scoreboard Rankings will award each division winners with an exception into the 2016 Tour Championship on December 3-4, 2016. The Top 10 players will also receive points towards year-end honors, which include, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup. Other than going out there and playing some good golf, everyone kept a smile on their face, had some laughs within their groups, and enjoyed the company that they had out on the golf course.  

Boys 16-18 Division

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Connor Moore of Bluffton, SC was the champion of the boys 16-18 division. Second place went to Tanner Merck of Gainesville, Ga, and third place was awarded to Micah Westermeyer of Chapin, SC. After shooting a first round score of 75 in the heat, Moore had a similar day shooting another 75 in order for him to get the win. Moore started the second round with a 2-stroke lead and created an even larger gap between the other players throughout the day by shooting a 3 over. Even with one weather delay, he kept his game and mindset together, which enabled him to bring home the trophy. There were many talented players at this event, and despite the results everyone came off their holes with a smile on their face.    

Boys 14-15 Division

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Congratulations to our boys 14-15 division champion Caden Edwards for clenching the win at Coastal Carolina Junior Challenge. A very well done job by Michael Smith from Valparariso, IN for getting second place, and Sam Manning from Charleston, SC for coming in third place. Edwards and Manning both shot 6-over on the second day, however due to Edwards’ great playing on the first day, he was named the champion. There was only a three-stroke gap between first and second place coming into the second round of the event, but Edwards stayed patient and came home with the win by the end of the day. Great golf was played, and friendships grew stronger between all of the players.      

Boys 11-13 Division

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A Hurricane Junior Golf Tour frequent player, Jonathan Griz from Hitlon Head, SC, was the boy’s 11-13 division this weekend at the Coastal Carolina Junior Challenge this weekend. Blake Weinbach from Columbia, SC took home the second place trophy and Sebastian Pelosin from Genova, Italy came in third. On the first day, Griz shot an astonishing 2-under (69) and followed it up the second day by shooting 5-over (76). All the competitors had a great weekend at Haig Point Golf Club, but Jonathan Griz seemed to be in his own lane the entire weekend. Not letting anything affect him, not even the rain delay on the first day or the overwhelming heat on both days. In all, the competitors fought hard, but at the end of the day they all had smiles on their faces.      

Girls 14-18 Division

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Sophia Burnett, from Bluffton, SC, was a new member this year and won her first tournament as a new member of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour at the Coastal Carloina Junior Challenge this weekend in the Girl’s 14-18 division this. Katheryn Gleason from Katy, TX took home the second place trophy and Meredith Langs from Hilton Head, SC came in third. Having to know how her competitors are doing all day can either be a good or bad thing. Burnett stayed positive all weekend, and did not let anything bother her. Although the weather was a huge factor for these girls, Sophia Burnett did not let that stop her from getting the win. All the girls who competed in the Coastal Carolina Junior Challenge were not only fierce competitors, but also great friends.      

Girls 13 Under Division

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Savannah Hylton of Hilton Head, SC took home the first place trophy at the Coastlal Carolina Junior Challenge this weekend. Camila Burnett of Bluffton, SC came in second. Sierra Funk out of Peachtree, GA came in third place. Savannah Hylton was only in the lead by 2 strokes after the first day, but seemed to have really focused the second day, since she was 9 strokes behind the next girl. The scores were very close in the girls 13 under division all weekend and all the players played to the best of their ability. The weather delay made it very tough on everyone, but that didn’t stop any of the players from playing some good golf.        

Weather June 25-26, 2016:

Round 1: Low 87, High 96. Scattered Showers, Wind 10-20 mph

Round 2: Low 84, High 95. Sunny with No Clouds, Wind 10-15 mph

Tournament Division Yardages

Boys 16-18: 6,716 Yards

Boys 14-15: 6,716 Yards

Girls 14-18: 5,763 Yards

Girls U13: 5,527 Yards

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