54 Hole Challenge at Crystal Spring May 28-30, 2016

54 Hole Challenge at Crystal Springs

Black Bear Golf Club - Franklin, NJ

May 28-30,2016

Players Strive for Excellence 

  On Thursday May 26, 2016 The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour traveled to Franklin, New Jersey for the 54 Hole Challenge at Crystal Springs Resort. The HJGT would like to thank Crystal Springs Resort for hosting us this weekend and for the beautiful course conditions that were provided to the players throughout the weekend. The tournament experienced a mix of clear skies and thunderstorms on Saturday, while Monday turnout to be clear skies. The players had to deal with fast greens, which tested the player’s skills and patience. The top performers and champions of the Boys 11-13, 14-15, 16-18 and Girls 14-18 received valuable points for the Junior Golf Scoreboard Ranking. The winner of the Girls 14-18 division received 4 AJGA performance stars, while the next 3 received 1 star. In addition, the top three winners in each age division were awarded an exemption into the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational at Chateau Elan June 11-13, 2016. The top ten finishers also received points towards year-end honors, which include state teams, all HJGT teams, and the Hurricane Cup.  

Boys 16-18 Division

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The champion of the boys 16-18 was William Mitchel from Moorestown, New Jersey. Mitchel started the first round strong with a score of 75, while scored an impressive eagle. He ended the day tournament with a score of 227. In addition, William Mirams from Stroudsburg, New Jersey ended up in second place shooting a three-day total of 234. He was right behind William and gave him a run for his money, but just couldn’t power past him. Patrick Ryan from Maplewood, New Jersey ended up in third place with a three-day total of 241.

Boys 14-15

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The champion of the boys 14-15 was Sean Vowells from Chatham, New Jersey. He finished the tournament with a three-day total of 251. Vowells ended the first round two strokes off the lead shooting an 88. Eddie McGreevy lead the first round shooting an 86, but Vowells mustered up the strength to take the lead with a score of 79 to cap off his day. He shot an impressive 12 pars on his way to take the lead. On the last day, Vowells ended up with an 84, shooting 2 birdies, to edge out McGreevy by three strokes. Eddie McGreevy from Bayonne, New Jersey ended in second place with a three-day total of 254. The totals per day were 86-85-83. Sushant Ramesh from Milburn, New Jersey came up in third place with a three-day total of 283.  

Boys 11-13

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The champion of the boys 11-13 division was Austin Liao from Warren, New Jersey. Liao shot a three-day total of 249. Liao shot an 82 the first day with 8 pars, 7 bogeys, 1 birdie, and two double bogeys. Liao ended the day tied for the lead. On the second day, Liao fought back to shoot an 86, which put him in the lead. All the marbles were on the table now as Liao shot an 81 to edge out his fierce competitor Andrew Chen by one shot. Andrew Chen from Whitestone, New York shot an 84-87-79 for a three-day total of 250 and Isaiah Marseille came in third place with a three-day total of 257.    

Girls 14-18

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The champion of the girls 14-18 division was Alice Hodge from Larchmont, New York. with a three-day total of 233 81-77-75. Hodge finished the first round with a score of 81, while scoring 3 birdies. What an impressive way to start of the tournament. Following up her amazing start, she blew her first day score out of the water with a score of 77 and a 75. If you haven’t guessed it, she took home the championship. Not far behind was Gabriella Kim from Wayne, Pennsylvania who ended up in second place with a three-day total of 235. Bailey Shoemaker from West Edmeston, New York finished strong to place third, while scoring am 82-82-75 for a total of 239.  


Round One: Low 78 and high 89. Sunny with thunderstorms later in the day. Wind 5-10 mph

Round Two: Low 79 and high 88. Sunny skies. Wind 3-8 mph

Round Three: Low 78 and high 88. Sunny skies. Wind 3-5 mph

Tournament Yardages:

Boys 16-18: 6,611 yards

Boys 14-15: 6,611 yards

Boys 11-13: 5,649 yards

Girls 14-18: 5,649 yards.

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The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) was founded in 2007 with the intent of providing junior golfers between the ages of 11-18, and now 10 and under, an opportunity to play exceptional courses in a competitive environment. Golfers who participate on the tour will compete in one of six age divisions: Boys 16-18, Boys 14-15, Boys 11-13, Boys U10, Girls 14-18, and Girls U13. Based out of Jacksonville, FL, the HJGT administers events all across the nation, with stops in Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. In 2016, we have now expanded to the west coast and cover California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and Oregon.   For more information regarding the 2016 HJGT Tour, please visit our website at www.hjgt.org, call the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour headquarters at (904) 379-2697, or email info@hjgt.org  

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