Tip Tuesday: 5 DeChambeau Exercises to Build Mobility, Stability & Strength

While it is important to hit the range as much as possible if you want to become an elite golfer, this isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to taking your game to another level. The proper nutrition and workout routine off the course can be just as important to the work that you put in on the golf course.

Take a look at the 2X US Open Champion, Bryson DeChambeau, who was able to add 20 MPH to his club head speed in just two years. After just winning his second major tournament at Pinehurst last weekend, it has become clear to golfers around the world that the ability to launch the ball further is a huge separator. 

It is not just pure strength that allowed DeChambeau to lead the field in driving distance last weekend. It’s really the combination of mobility, stability, and strength that has allowed him to reach these heights.

Here are five simple workouts that you can add to your practice routine to help improve all three (like DeChambeau did). 

DeChambeau’s Jumping Exercises

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Bryson DeChambeua at the US Open

It is important for golfers to gain explosiveness and stability in their workouts and doing jumping exercises is one of the best ways to increase both!

Vertical Jump (4 Sets, 10-15 Reps)

For beginners do this with no weight, and you can add dumbbells as you get more adept. Focus on getting as much height as possible at the top of your jump and do them in quick succession. As soon as your feet touch the ground you want to be reloading and getting ready for the next jump.

Single Leg Jump (4 Sets, 10 Reps Each Leg)

For this exercise be sure to put a major emphasis on stability. When you land after each rep, take a one-second pause at the bottom before exploding back up. As it was with the vertical jump, it is best to begin with body weight and you can add dumbbells later on. 

Box Jumps (4 Sets, 8 Reps)

Box jumps involve jumping from the floor onto a box or other elevated surface. They are an excellent way to enhance explosive power, further develop strength through your lower body, improve vertical jump height, and generally improve athletic performance.

DeChambeau’s Med Ball Exercises

For the next exercises you will need a med ball and these exercises will help core rotation and strength to build up your rotational power.

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Dechambeau Working Out

Med Ball Slams (3 Sets, 10 Reps)

Take a med ball and place it on your right hip. Move it from your right hip to over your head in a circular motion and then slam the ball down next to your left foot. Repeat this motion but this time starting on your left hip. This movement will help increase the speed and strength of your swing. Also, be sure the medicine ball you are using isn’t too bouncy as you don’t want it to hit your nose on the way up.

Standing Med Ball Rotational Throw (3 Sets, 10 Reps Each Side)

This one starts similar to the last with the med ball on your right hip with your left hip towards the wall and then you will rotate your body and slam the medicine ball into the wall. You will want to keep your core tight throughout and then switch sides after each toss. 

Next time you work out try adding these movements and you will see an improvement in your golf game. If you want even more exercises the Dechambeau uses check out the article here. If you want more tips on continuing to succeed on the course, look at our other Golf Tip Tuesday blogs. Stay tuned every week for more Tip Tuesday blog content.


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