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Corporate Partners

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour is proud to align with top brands that are committed to redefining the junior golf experience for our players.

Our Valued Corporate Partners

Our Corporate Partners have aligned with us in sharing the vision of the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour.

Junior Golf Hub Logo

Junior Golf Hub was founded to help players and parents navigate the journey to college golf while helping coaches find top talent. We know that families feel overwhelmed with the recruiting process. Junior Golf Hub was designed to solve these needs. Players create profiles that are searchable by the coaches, ‘Find and Follow’ college golf programs and receive education on the do’s and dont’s of the recruiting process. College coaches find and filter the top talent they are looking for. Everyone comes out ahead and life becomes a bit easier for all of our members. For more information visit:


‍‍Mizuno has consistently maintained an industry-wide reputation for crafting exceptional golf equipment and leading the way in technological, performance-focused innovation. The brand’s commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with the HJGT’s mission to provide young players with an outstanding competitive platform while instilling lifelong habits that will benefit them on and off the golf course.

As part of this exciting partnership, Mizuno will generously provide a remarkable opportunity for the division winners at the prestigious HJGT National Championships in December. Nine deserving winners will receive a brand-new set of Mizuno clubs, an exclusive personal club fitting session, and a customized National Championship bag, specially designed by Mizuno. Additionally, HJGT families are eligible to receive 45% off on all Mizuno golf clubs, products & equipment.

Srixon Logo

HJGT is thrilled to welcome Srixon/Cleveland Golf to the tour! As part of this new partnership, Srixon will provide their premium Z-STAR golf ball to participants at HJGT events, starting at the National Championships weekend through the 2024 season. In addition to receiving free Srixon premium golf balls at upcoming 2024 events, HJGT members and their families receive 35% OFF all Srixon/Cleveland Golf equipment & gear.

Foresight Sports

Foresight Sports, the leading developer of professional-grade launch monitors, has officially partnered with the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour, which hosts more multi-day junior golf tournaments than any other tour in the US. The partnership, which includes both title and event sponsorships by Foresight Sports, is part of the technology company’s ongoing efforts to support up-and-coming players and the communities, academies and tours that support them. UpNext™ is Foresight’s new Junior Player Development Program specifically designed to connect today’s best and most passionate players with our game-changing technology.

Short Par 4 Transparent

HJGT’s partnership with Short Par 4 offers all Hurricane Tour players an INSTANT $50 GIFT on their Short Par 4 junior membership, which features monthly packages of apparel, accessories, and gear from some of the top brands in golf. Your first box of golf gear is FREE when you use code HURR50 at checkout.

Use code HURR50 at checkout and get instant $50 credit

Perfect Hands Golf

The Hurricane Junior Golf Tour (HJGT) and Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) are excited to announce an innovative strategic partnership. The collaboration is designed to help junior golfers realize their dreams of playing golf in college by accelerating their player development levels with the unique PHG system.

Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) was founded in 2018 and is a revolutionary swing and strength system that enables a golfer to quickly develop increased accuracy and distance through Resistance Training by encouraging Muscle Memory to occur at an accelerated rate, resulting in a perfect, on-plane swing, every time. For more details on the unique and patented PHG system, visit


Designed to help you save a shot under the most critical tournament situations. PuttView offers the most accurate yardage and green maps allowable under the rules of golf. Free shipping. Over 30,000 courses.

In The Golf Zone

In The Golf Zone offers mental coaching services using your unique mental hardwiring. The mental game is not one-size-fits-all, and understanding your mental preferences will help you get in your zone. Professional golfer, former Division I college player and UNC Chapel Hill Alum, Ben Esposito, teaches juniors how to bring your best to the course, and how to pull yourself out of stress. The number one killer of performance is stress, and learning how to manage it is key to success in tournament play.

neuraputt Black Ball color50

Putt like a Pro with NeuraPutt. The NeuraPutt is the only putting training tool that features all the challenges encountered in an actual putt. HJGT Members receive 35% OFF all products and a FREE NeuraPutt Aim & Pace Trainer, the pocket-sized training aid Golf Digest calls “the epitome of target practice”.

Sharp Focus Nutrition Transparent

Sharp Focus Nutrition improves focus and shot execution, lowers scores, and highlights the benefits of healthy eating! SFN offers a scientifically proven on-course nutrition product that sequences 5 great-tasting food items. Its patent-pending formula enables players to eat in small increments while balancing the 3 macronutrients – protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Overall, it generates clear thinking and facilitates peak performance while avoiding spikes and crashes in blood sugar that drive up scores. HJGT members receive free product samples at selected events and get a 10% discount with code SF10 at

RecruitMe Logo

RecruitMe is the new way for college coaches and student-athletes to connect. Finally a recruiting app has been created to incorporate the needs of both coaches and athletes all in one place. Search athletes, coaches, events, and start a conversation right away, all at your fingertips.


GOGOGOSPORTVPRO is one of the leading professional hunting&golf rangefinders Brand of the world. Committed to supporting our customers with an exact accuracy instrument designed and refined for precision performance, we go to great lengths to prevent room for error. Also help all members of the HJGT golf team play beautiful shots as well.

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“The Golf Performance Program (Golf PFX) is the future of golf movement assessment and training,” according to Scott Shepard, AdventHealth Golf Performance and Rehabilitation Program Manager.

This revolutionary program is the first of its kind that focuses on targeting a golfer’s specific swing needs. And while general fitness improvement is important for an athlete’s overall health and wellness, traditional programs are unable to provide the specific stimulus needed to improve a golfer’s swing faults and optimally improve their performance. “We can help you finally make changes to correct poor movement, decrease pain, and improve swing speed/distance with targeted golf fitness and injury rehabilitation,” says Shepard.

uspa logo

USPA’s unique online learning model empowers motivated student-athletes to train, travel, and compete at the highest levels in their chosen sport. Unlike other online schools, USPA is fully accredited and NCAA approved. It offers flexible school schedules, academic calendars, and a comprehensive support system for students in grades 6-12. Through this partnership with HJGT, young athletes can pursue their goals in sports without compromising their education.

Palm Beach County Sports Commission

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission attracts sporting events and activities to Palm Beach County to enhance occupancy of hotel room nights; to maximize the positive economic impact of these events and activities on the Palm Beach County economy; to maximize the utilization of County facilities; to utilize events and activities to promote the image of Palm Beach County as a sports tourism destination on a national and international level.

NCSA College Recruiting

NCSA is the largest college athletic recruiting platform, with over 40,000 college coaches using NCSA to find athletes across 34 sports.
For over 20 years, NCSA College Recruiting has offered recruiting advice and college coach connections to high school student-athletes around the world.

As we expand our services and refine our tools, we remain committed to you. With the support of IMG Academy, a finalist in the prestigious World’s Best School Prizes, we’ll be able to help even more student-athletes on their path to playing sports in college and offer a more holistic college recruiting experience.